Neo4j Heroku Challenge Winner and Finalists

The entries have been entered, the votes have been cast and now it is time to announce the winners of the Neo4j Heroku Challenge!

Neo4j Heroku Challenge Winner and Finalists

We had some amazing entries from all over the globe and from a diverse set of languages, and we thank everyone for participating. The overall winner will receive the new iPad, and the language winners receive $100 to ThinkGeek.

The proud new owner of a new iPad, and our overall winner of the Neo4j Heroku Challenge is…

Luanne Misquitta, Flavorwocky

Flavorwocky won the most votes among the Neo4j community and highest ranking on Gensen, recognized for creativity, usability, and all around awesomeness. A big congrats from the whole Neo4j community to you Luanne – we are trying to get that iPad to India as soon as possible!

Language Winners

FlattrWhat – Ruby by Simon Gate
The “Flattr what?” application is a super simple recommendation engine for Flattr users, a micro-payment/tipping system for bloggers and other content creators.

FrostyMug – PHP by Josh Adell
Frosty Mug helps navigate the vast ocean of beers on tap at a proper brew pub. Start with a beer you like, then Frosty Mug will recommend similar beers.

Neoflix: Browser – Javascript by Max de Marzi
In a great spin on the classic Neo4j dataset, Neoflix explores a movie database with D3-powered visualizations to make film recommendations.

Node Neo4j Template – Node.js by Aseem Kishore
The Node template demonstrates how easily Node.js developers can tap into the power of Neo4j for creating a social graph.

Flask Demo App – Python by Carson McDonald
The app is a simple data explorer with bookmarking ability, using user-generated content from Stack Exchange.

Scala Plays with Neo4j – Scala by Andy Petrella
With this through-the-web edited social graph, Andy demonstrates how easy it is to access Neo4j from Scala while running on the Play framework.

GraphTag – Clojure by Aran Elkington
Graphtag is a Clojure application which monitors Twitter mentions against a custom account “GraphTag” and inputs the content of those tweets into Neo4j as a node.

Neo4jOrbust – C# by Romiko Derbynew
Neo4j or Bust is an impressive mashup of Heroku (to access Neo4j) and AppHarbor (to host the .NET application), to discover and follow interesting people.

NeoQuotes – Java by Tomás Müller
NeoQuotes delivers a stock-exchange symbol lookup application, with integrated voice search!

Lightbulb – Python by James Thornton
Lightbulb is a a Git-powered, Neo4j-backed blog engine for Heroku, using James’ own excellent Bulbs framework for graph databases.

I have to give a shout-out to the Neo4j Community Team and our friends at Heroku for this awesome contest, and for all of the great work put in.

Till next time! 👋